Chicago Artist I.L Will Goes In On ‘Tattz & Flattz’ Mixtape

April 15 happened to be a very special day for up and coming Hip Hop artist I.L Will. In the past year, I.L Will was busy at work selecting the right ingredients for his solo debut mixtape.
On this date, this artist, who hails from the West Side of Chicago, has officially served his main course “Tattz & Flattz.”
This mixtape is a culmination of the hard work Will has put in on the underground circuit throughout the past year.
Will belongs to the Hip Hop collective M.I.C, a trio of emcees that also features fellow members Mikey Dollaz and Lil’ Chris.
In prelude to this special date, the 19-year-old rapper served fans an appetizer in the mixtape “Devil’s Advocate.”
“I Made ‘Devil’s Advocate’ to keep my listeners interested until my debut mixtape “Tattz & Flattz” drops April 15,” he said.
Fans were momentarily satisfied with this project, but were hungrily awaiting the main dish.
Hosted by DJ MoonDawg, “Tattz & Flattz” features 17 tracks of I.L Will’s branded intense lyricism and sizzling production from ItzJayBeatz, UnniQueBeatz, Chase N Dough, StarPower, CryptoniteBeatz, Smylez, DeggzyBeatz, Dresky FaceBeatz, Timmy DaHitMan, DyOnthaTrack, Deezy, SouthSide and Lex Luger.
As the first track, I.L Will’s “Go In” sets the tone for the mixtape. Many fans were first introduced to I.L Will through the DGainz-shot music video, which has garnered well over 100,000 views on YouTube.
Check out “Go In” below

I.L Will keeps the energy going with his latest single “All Ball.” Produced by ItzJayBeatz, “All Ball” proves to be a tune that is “turn up” friendly.
In “All Ball,” Will raps, “I need riches/ I need my printer/ Them people be watching/ Gotta keep my head up.”
Check out “All Ball” sneak peak below

I.L Will didn’t prepare his main course without inviting fellow chefs to offer their ideas and insights. One key feature on “Tattz & Flattz” is fellow Chicago artist King Samson on track “Trust A Soul.”
In “Trust A Soul,” I.L. Will raps, “I can’t trust a soul because I barely trust myself/ Only thing I trust is money, f*ck everything else/ Ni**a you aint in these streets, you don’t know the pain I felt.”
King Samson follows this Will’s verse with, “To my main b*tch, I’ma sponsor/ I don’t trust her/I don’t love her/ But I f*ck her, so she love me/ Carrying money, so she trust me, but I don’t even trust me.”
I.L Will secured the assistance of producer Smylez for the track “Fun.” Will’s lyricism and Smylez’ production prove to mesh perfectly.
Will clearly had “fun” on this track, rapping, “I’m tatted like Mexicans/ Yea I gotta 40 with extra clips/Smoke a blunt and f*ck a b*tch/It’s just fun the life I live.”
Will and M.I.C group member Mikey Dollaz linked for the banger “Poppin Flatz.”
The two comrades are clearly “turned up to the max” as they trade bars in the Chase N Doughboy-produced track.
Check out ‘Poppin Flatz” official music video below

Another special guest feature on the project is from the Windy City’s own gritty street tale narrator Rico Recklezz. I.L and Rico link up on the mixtape on the track “Wilin” produced by Deezy.
Check out “Wilin” official music video below

I.L Will, who attributes his musical influences to Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, & Lil Wayne, describes his rap style as “unique.”
Whether he incorporates a “drill” flow, auto tune, or his signature lyrical prowess, I.L. Will’s delivery on tracks is effective.
“I’m not stuck in one lane; I can make all kinds of music,” he said.
“Tattz & Flattz” is a must-listen. I.L Will took his time to bring the listener his brand of quality Chicago sound. I.L Will has done his part. Now, what’s left is for the listener to crank up the volume and indulge in the music.
Dinner is served. Bon appétit.
Head over to Live Mixtapes to download “Tattz & Flattz” by clicking here.

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