Black Dave & Gino Marley Drop ‘Million Man March’ Remix

One knows it’s a problem when New York City and Chicago get together. It’s a force that rivals the “Million Man March.”
That’s exactly what occurred when Black Dave and Chiraq’s own Gino Marley got together in the booth for the “Million Man March” remix.
Gino hits the track, “Since I could remember, I been balling, I’m balling/And since I could remember we’ve been marching, no flodging/Yo gon make a n****a release the beast, release the heat/I’ve been trapping, going hard upon weeks, need no sleep/I just need what I need, need what I need/In the streets like f**k the law, we ain’t worried about no police.”
Black Dave drops bars, rapping, “Get the f**k out our way, From Chiraq to where I say/That’s me and Gino, rolling up greeno/Gotta couple h*es and they wetter than a ski slope/In a two door and they feeling like T-Bo/Never too much, I’ma need me like three more/See I can’t miss, Came deep at the free throw/No sneak diss cause we really with the rap.”
The production from Shy Beats on this one deserves as much praise as the lyricism dropped on this joint.

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