Arkansas Police Department Releases Chavis Carter Dash Cam Footage

chavis carter
Jonesboro, AK police department have released a 90 minute-long footage of Chavis Carter’s arrest before his death in the back of a police squad car, Action News 5 reports.
Carter and two young white males were pulled over in a truck by Jonesboro Officer Ron Marsh. Carter may have potentially been conducting a drug deal with the young men. Police found marijuana, a scale and a bag of powdery white substance.
Carter and two other men can be seen in the video questioned by police. Carter was patted and led to the back of the patrol car.
Despite an apparent drug deal, police told the two other young men to leave.
Action 5 News reports there isn’t video or audio “Officer Marsh finding Carter shot in the backseat.” Furthermore, Action 5 states a gunshot is not clearly seen or heard on the tape.
Casper Gibson, who witnessed the incident, said, “The other officer jumped out the car, ran, and opened two back doors of the vehicle and next thing I know that’s when the ambulance pulled up but other than that I didn’t hear a gunshot or nothing like that.”
Watch dashcam footage below.

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