Actor Isaiah Washington thinks CIA Started Twitter Controversy over Gabby Douglas Hair

Isaiah Washington, a renowned actor known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, spoke out on the controversy surrounding Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas’ hair.
Washington said the good hair/ bad hair debate is a “cancer still infecting the minds of our people into making us hate ourselves.”
Washington calls Gabby Douglas’ hair controversy “nonsense.”
“I get chill bumps!” Washington said during an interview with Global Grind. “It just lets me know that their plan is still playing up with their marketing strategy. It’s still working and we have the tools…We have the blogging and the social media. We have the tools to just stop! Stop saying ‘them.’ Stop saying ‘they.’ Start promoting by any means necessary.”
The woman [Douglas], he said, has to pin her hair down because she’s sweating.
“If her hair comes out, she gets a deduction,” he said, according to Global Grind. “If her hair flies in her face, she could hurt herself and die.”
Washington has a hard time believing black people started the trending topic on Douglas’ hair.
“Sometimes, I get a little paranoid that I don’t think that an African-American tweeted that!” he said. “I think the CIA tweeted it. They know that Negros are going to jump on it, and not shut it down if it stops.”
“Stop!” he continued. “She’s the first African-American woman to win a gold. That is all we should be talking about, period. Instead, we’re acting like it never happened.”
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