RondoNumbaNine & Cdai ‘Bail Out’ In Music video

RondoNumbaNine and Cdai collaborate for another single “Bail Out.” The duo, flanked by the Steve Drive associates, tapped Rio Productions to film this project.

Cdai, who is packing heat in this visual, raps, “Everyday I wake up, gotta get back to the guap, it’s just another f*****g day/In that gangway slanging rocks/No (?), no eights, I can’t take shorts/GDK, f**k a brick, slamming rakes, drop the forks/If you ain’t with the s**t, stay the f**k up on the porch/If yo ass look like you with it, then f**k it, we gon show/Gotta keep that glock up on me, hell naw, can’t go.”

An animated Rondo hit this track, rapping, “We from Steve Drive/We catch a opp, then he die/On the guys, I can’t go/On the guys, I ain’t no h*e/Over my n****s, yeah they glowing/And all my n****s f*****g scoring and then we ride off in that foreign.”

Rondo has an official date for his forthcoming mixtape project “Real Nigga 4 Life 2.”

The project, according to Rondo, will be hitting the net in Mid-February.

“Feb 18 2014 #RealNigga4Life2 Dis Shit Right Here Nigga #StraightSavageShit #YungNiggaTakeOva #BossUp @exclusive773 #Promoting #Team600 #OtfCokeBoyz @dj_bandz Hosting !! #TurnUp,” the caption on Rondo’s IG post read.

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5 Responses to RondoNumbaNine & Cdai ‘Bail Out’ In Music video

  1. Anonymous says:

    cdai got bars

  2. lol says:

    steve dryyy lets get it

  3. G-Unot Killa says:

    This n*gga Rondo has the worst teeth ever

  4. Ganja says:

    Cdai went in 6hunna

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