Que Dawgs Wreck Shaquille O’Neal’s Post Game Interview With Tim Hardaway, Jr. During NBA All-Star Weekend

The presence of Omega Psi Phi was made known during Tim Hardaway Jr.’s Rising Stars Challenge post-game interview during All-Star Weekend.

Barks could be heard from a few Omegas in the stands as Hardaway discussed his lifelong aspirations of becoming an NBA player.

“There your boys go,” Hardaway told TNT’s “Inside The NBA” host Shaquille O’Neal who happens to be a proud member of the Purple and Gold fraternity.

Shaq soon joined the raucous Ques in barking and throwing up the hooks before continuing the interview.

This isn’t the first time Shaq mixed NBA business with Omega business. The Big Diesel repped his org during an episode of NBA’s “Open Court.”

“Omega Psi Phi, I pledged Que Dawg in college at LSU,” Shaq said before sticking out his tongue.

At the suggestion of Reggie Miller, Shaq proceeded to set it owt by performing his fraternity’s step.

Fans got to see a bit more of Shaq’s moves in a recent hop posted online.

The footage shows Shaq in his Purple and Gold glory setting it out with his “team” to George Clinton’s song “Atomic Dog.”

No one can ever question Shaq’s owtness.

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7 Responses to Que Dawgs Wreck Shaquille O’Neal’s Post Game Interview With Tim Hardaway, Jr. During NBA All-Star Weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    OWT!!!! LMAO

  2. BullyMob Kellz says:

    i see n*ggas hatin on the mob and am like but why? you a broke boy you a nobodyboy you a loser boy you a loner.watyou reppin boy..yo own n*ggas dont respect you boy.stop flexin like liljojo said you aint with the sh*t boy.i am bullymob disrespect we do da job .

  3. Marie says:

    Shaq threw up the hooks tho lol

  4. delta fly says:

    luv it!

  5. John Boy says:

    I heard shaq was a fake que

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