Fraternity Caught Running Around in G-Strings and Baby Oil inside Elementary Gym in Hazing Ritual

Alpha Phi Alpha, Xi Delta Lambda chapter

An alleged hazing incident took place in Blackwell Elementary School on April 7 during the district’s spring break. The incident involved grown men running around a gymnasium wearing only g-strings and covered in baby oil, NBC12 reports.

Richmond Public Schools reportedly sent a letter home to parents describing the incident and stated a full investigation is underway. Blackwell Principal Daryl Roselle is at the center of the controversy for allegedly allowing the men inside to engage in the reported hazing ritual.

The fraternity under scrutiny in the scandal is Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first black greek intercollegiate fraternity founded Dec. 4, 1906. The scandal involved members from its Xi Delta Lambda chapter.

“Swift action has been taken to resolve this manner,” Felicia Cosby, the spokeswoman for the city school system, told USAToday.

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31 Responses to Fraternity Caught Running Around in G-Strings and Baby Oil inside Elementary Gym in Hazing Ritual

  1. Clint says:

    No MuthaFuggin H*MO!!!!! WTF!!

  2. Tiara says:

    Nuh uh..

  3. krazyJ says:

    (rileys voice) that sh*t gay!

  4. Ashley says:

    : O WTH is going on!

  5. Brittany says:

    o wow

  6. Charlie says:

    hahahahahaha that is disgusting. i dont see y people subject themselves to that kind of crap to belong.

  7. Roo Swag says:

    I knew it was Gay Phi Gay. Roo 2 Da Bruhs!!!

  8. IceCold says:

    That Aint Ordinary Bruh…niccas dont do that sh*t

  9. APhiA GRho says:

    Dis doesn’t rep the whole frat. I for damn sure didn’t wear no g-string when i pledged

  10. sarah says:

    What Wait Why!

  11. linda Myles says:

    Lord have Mercy smh

  12. Ice n Slow says:


  13. Archy says:

    i would’ve dropped as soon as somebody handed me a thong. lol

  14. Rack em up says:

    Baby Oil n G strings…#DEAD

  15. Melanie says:


  16. snoop says:

    who in da f#@* do sh$t like that! and in an elementary gym!

  17. Tiffany says:

    Sorry but that is not sexy…

  18. 2cold says:

    Bruhs…That aint ordinary lol

  19. By George I Knew It says:

    A Phi A = Adam-4-Adam

    Too Cold/Too Cold is now Too Slipery/Too Slipery


  20. jack man says:

    that sh*t aint ordinary bruh!

  21. PAX AJAX says:

    the dean lost their man card. n*ggah wanted to c their package

  22. PHreak of nature says:

    every chapter isn’t the same. we don’t play that sh*t round this way. u got bruhs that get in and pretty much alter management of that chapter and do sh*t like this

  23. A-phi-till-i-die says:

    A-phi don’t roll like that…don’t know what that sh*t was all about…not at my chapter!

  24. 06 Nick says:

    That is the gay part of our alpha phi alpha ritual. Not all of our bruz are gay, but we have a large number that are gay.

  25. Solomon says:

    Seriously? What happen to pledging? This sh*t aint right.

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