Chief Keef’s Sophomore Studio Album To Be Titled ‘Gloyalty’

Chief Keef already has a title for his sophomore studio album. The studio album will be titled “Gloyalty,” a merge of the words glory and loyalty.

“I need A mixtape Cover For my album GLOYALTY,” Sosa wrote.

Chief Keef’s “Finally Rich” album debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart at 29. It sold an estimate of 50,000 copies in its opening week.

But it will most likely be months before that project drops.

Sosa is currently prepping the release of “Bang 3” mixtape. Fans stated they want the old Sosa back, so that is what Keef will give them in his upcoming project.

Sosa has leaked snippets of multiple songs from his project. The most popular leak thus far has been the insane track “War.”

Chief Keef spazzes out in this intense track as he takes aim at rivals.

Other songs Chief Keef leaked include, “It’s The New Trap,” “Macaroni Time Remix,” “Un Un” and “Thots Gone Crazy.”

Listen to snippets of Chief Keef’s “Bang 3” tracks below

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7 Responses to Chief Keef’s Sophomore Studio Album To Be Titled ‘Gloyalty’

  1. rude gal says:

    follow da glo

  2. Carl says:

    he needs to focus on one thing at a time

  3. Casper says:

    chief keef bout to drop dat straight heat freal

  4. aretha says:

    stupid name

  5. Matt says:

    he got da bang3 droppin n a possible back tom da dead 2 n dis. chief keef better deliver

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    letz get it

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