Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad Artist, Cdai, Charged With First-Degree Murder In Javan Boyd’s Shooting Death

South Side Chicago rapper Cdai has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of dispatch driver Javan Boyd.

Cdai, born Courtney Ealy, was arrested and will appear in bond court later today.

RondoNumbaNine, born Clint Massey, was charged with first-degree murder in the Feb. 22 fatal shooting of Boyd. He is being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

State prosecutors initially stated Rondo, 17, and an unnamed accomplice allegedly fired their handguns into Boyd’s vehicle as he was waiting for a passenger, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Boyd was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg.

The shooting was reportedly in retaliation for a fight that occurred earlier that day. A portion of the crime was caught on surveillance camera, according to the Sun-Times.

Rondo’s fingerprints were additionally found on the cab, according to the Tribune.

Boyd left behind a fiancé and an 11-year-old daughter.

Rondo and Cdai are two rising MCs on the underground Chicago scene.

Cdai, 19, was signed to mentor Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad Records. Fredo proudly announced Cdai’s addition to his label in late December 2013.

“It’s official @CDAIGOT22SHOTZ SavageSquadRecords turn up

Cdai showed his loyalty to Fredo’s label with a “SSR” tattoo near his side burns on the right side of his face.

Cdai was prepping the release of his “3 Much” mixtape prior to his incarceration.

“#3MUCH #SSR #COMMINGSOON #RIPLACAPONE,” he wrote on Twitter.

Rondo was closely affiliated with Def Jam rapper Lil Durk and French Montana’s Coke Boys label.

Rondo and Cdai collaborated together on numerous tracks, including, “Bail Out,” “Go Crazy,” “Get Sum Gwuap” and “Come Around.”

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63 Responses to Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad Artist, Cdai, Charged With First-Degree Murder In Javan Boyd’s Shooting Death

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. matt says:

    damn first #9 now cdai sh*t getting crazy forreal
    free My n*gga #9

  3. fuck chicago says:

    lmao rondo either snitched or they found evidence either way please just take out all the lame ops of there sh*t rap careers.

  4. drosenumbaone says:

    Damn, both Courtney and Clint (lmao) got booked. This is why you never mix real “street” sh*t with music sh*t. You’re going to get caught up one way or another. Both of these artists had potential to get on and get on their way out of the hood, but now all they have to look forward to are lifetimes in prison. Smh.




  6. aye says:

    rondo tellin

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Bdk_600k says:

    F*k rondo and f*k Cdai bunch of waste utes who don’t noe how to do sh*t rii

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rondo snitching, and now cdai gets to go to prison with that stupid SSR tattoo on his face.

  10. Rondo didnt snitch he had a better chance on the rap career so hopefully cdai takes the rap and rondo will go out and hustle for the both of them. They aint got enough f***ing video footage at 4am to see his black ass on chicagos sh*tty cameras give me a break he gone be good. They cant prove the prints are from the murder either like the tribune said rondo and boyd got in a fight that day so thats when the prints came on. Rondo gunna be out and hopefully he visits b***h ass rico

  11. tdotwegotushi says:

    finally kollegekidd you mans are lofting i been posting this on ur pages all morning

  12. Anonymous says:

    let dem n*ggas rot in da cell

  13. BDK n*ggas all throw money in a hat to get a ounce for there videos#brokeassn*ggas#bloodnation#camdenNJ#u aint bout that money life keep catchin bodys for 6$ ya ducks

  14. Anonymous says:

    cdai n rondo both b***hes 4 killin innocent cabdriver. n*ggas aint real drillers

  15. Anonymous says:

    goofy ass couldn’t just stay in the house n work on music

  16. Anonymous says:

    cdai and rondo gonna choke in interrogation cuz dey not off da sh*tz

  17. no lackin says:

    the chiraq movement is crumbling before our eyes lmfao

    • Anonymous says:

      Keef is going to jail, has three kids, and his music is trash now. Fredo Santana is straight garbage, LA capone got killed, and rondo and cdai going to prison. The whole bricksquad/FBG movement is a f***in joke. The chicago drill music scene came and went. At very least, some of these guys got rich and had fun.

  18. don sexy asss nigga says:

    yall n*ggas is goofy asf rondo aint snitch u goofies besides c’dai only got arrest cos the opps snitching on him tryna tip off the feds

  19. Anonymous says:

    rondo tattle tellin

  20. Anonymous says:

    dey bout to get life

  21. anonymous says:

    dudes got locked cuz Cdai dropped his phone at the scene, rondo aint snitch f*** boys

  22. caya says:

    First Off Rondo Did Not Snitched . N If He Did Dey Wouldve Been Caught Cdai . N For Those Who Keep Sayin Javan Boyd Was An Innocent Driver . 9 x outta 10 He Prolly Wasnt People Live Double Lives , Theres Probably A Reason They Got Into A Fight n Im Quiet Sure Rondo n Cdai Wouldn Just Go Shoot A Niqqa Wid A Child For No Reason. So Something Serious Probably Went Down Da Day He Passed . Free#9

  23. Anonymous says:

    Remember last year when that lil ho durk was salty w keef for not bailing his b***h ass out? now his number 1 homeboy in the clink and he aint getting no bond money up for him! don’t talk about it be about it homeboy

    • Anonymous says:

      Durk ain’t no ho, if yo n*gga was in a jam fa two million you got em pho? Hell na broke n*gga get ya bandz up! He gon hold em down but Shid he ain’t got 200,000 to blow. 200,000 is ten percent of two million which is all you have to pay, fo tha dummies out der.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ealy left his cell phone outside Boyd’s car, and investigators identified one of his fingerprints on Boyd’s car, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said earlier this month that Massey’s fingerprint was found on the car. Ealy was later identified by witnesses as the second shooter, and he told other people that he had carried out the shooting, prosecutors said today. NOT EVEN JOHNNY COCHRAN (RIP) COULD HELP THESE N*GGAS BEAT THE CASE.

  25. Its a chance #9 told and its a chance he didnt, the paperwork is the truth teller in this story…where durk at…he better feed his n*ggaz

  26. YS says:

    Y’all some goofys, either way, surprised y’all could even do the math problem to post. The cab driver isn’t innocent, they talking bout he set up LA

  27. IWasBornSquad says:

    Free#9andCdai. FTO. Rondo can’t snitch dumb F*KKK. Dey gon get out goofy. Rip LA. Go get some money n*gga. LGS!!!

  28. Yall is dumb as f*** that wasnt an innocent cab driver he was a GD. Just bc he had a kid and needed to make ends meet for his child dont mean he aint banging on his off days.#rondo did what he had to do he aint dumb.

    • Enigmatic says:

      He aint dumb…yet he’s gonna be locked up for the REST of his NATURAL life…for what??? Man, that dude and anybody supporting his dumb a$$ is a lame.

  29. IWasBornSquad says:

    Durk ain’t no ho, if yo n*gga was in a jam fa two million you got em pho? Hell na broke n*gga get ya bandz up! He gon hold em down but Shid he ain’t got 200,000 to blow. 200,000 is ten percent of two million which is all you have to pay, fo tha dummies out der.

  30. FreeRondo says:

    I aint even gone lie Cdai dumb asl for staying in Chiraq after Rondo got caught should’ve called Fredo or Sosa and been like I needa get out of town or some sh*t #Free9 #FreeCdai

  31. F*ck Da Feds RIP L’ A Capone . Free Rondo n Cdai.I say they aint do sh*t wrong cuz word on da street cab driver was living a double life n he set up la . Now i aint sayin what they did was right but Rondo wouldn do no dumb sh*t like dat especially if you have n*ggas n the rap game like jeezy meek n lupe sayin yo name n wanna work with u. So i think when he go back to court the judge n jurors shouldn prosecute him for his lyrics kuz thats how music sellin n dats how most of these rap n*ggas rap . So f*** watchu hatin ass ppl say say

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. R.I.P La says:

    Lol, the cab driver was was from a hood thats Mickey Cobra. 051 Youngmoney(The n*ggas who killed La) are Mickey cobras too. And plus the cab driver had a record for Armed Hijacking of a vehicle and did time for it. He wasnt all Innocent clownz.

  34. Montghanistan says:

    F*ck these opp ass n*ggas RIP 2 dem cab drivers #JOJO GANG

  35. Anonymous says:

    A lot of people sayin rondo snitched, not claimin to know the full story but allow me to clear it up for you according to the chicago tribune “Ealy was later identified by witnesses as the second shooter, *and he told _other people_ that he had carried out the shooting*, prosecutors said today.” Now clearly he wouldn’t need to tell rondo since rondo was with him, so common sense tells me that someone he hang wit clearly snitched on him, as well as him leaving his phone at the scene. Thats what im taking from this story.

  36. Unknown says:

    Man let’s get this money and stop the sense less killing over nothing guys wake up Live by the gun die but the gun

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